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Thanks For Visiting McKenzie Global Sourcing Co. Ltd.

McKenzie Global Sourcing Co Ltd (MGS) is an offshoot of McKenzie Trading Co. Ltd. that was incorporated in 1967 as a buyer for textiles from Japan. By the late 1970s we had expanded our sourcing into South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. We maintained offices in the USA, Hong Kong and Italy.

Benefits of using McKenzie Global Sourcing

Benefits of using McKenzie Global Sourcing

In comparison to domestic supply chains, McKenzie global sourcing has grown to be a more successful method for helping organisations obtain low-cost services, goods, and materials. The global market’s opening up has made it possible to acquire cheaper labor and manufacturing prices, which has increased profits and value for money. 

We can assist you with creating a prototype for a consumer product if you already have one. We can assist you in locating the most suitable organization for your requirements. Today, request a free quote!

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Our Products

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Our Clients Feedback


We address our customers' needs by offering a complete supply chain solution through McKenzie Global Sourcing, bridging the gap between their demands and their never-ending hunt for numerous partners.


McKenzie Global Sourcing, a crucial part of our procurement shift, helps us accelerate the process by utilizing their category experience, and best practices. As a result, the procurement team's performance and quality were improved, and we were able to capture value more quickly.
- Senior VP, Procurement


Our indirect spend has been made more efficient and leaner thanks to McKenzie Global Sourcing.
- Vice President, Procurement

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